I love designing tablescapes. I started back in September 2010 and I now design tablescapes to share on my blog as well as on "Between Naps on the Porch" for Tablescape Thursdays.

My passion for designing tablescapes has sent me out on a search to buy more dishes that I can share every week.

I also enjoy making my own napkins to go with my different dishes and I love to mix and match some of my beautiful dishes.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Blue Onion Tablescape

My inspiration for this Tablescape is my Blue Onion China that
I purchased on Ebay, You all know I love blue and white dinnerware ~~
I decided to add a bird to my napkins rings just for fun !!!
I'm using one vintage tablecloth with two other Topper's. I put a dark blue color under the Rose
embroidered tablecloth from Ebay~~~ So you can see how lovely it shows up !!!
I purchased new flatware from Home Goods in a dark blue and white pattern
and also dark blue and white place mats!!!
You all remember the soup bowls from Pier One ~~~
I just love this blue !! Lets light the candles and have a glass of wine !!!
The dinner plates are sitting on a dark blue glass charger...
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Monday, March 21, 2011

~ French Country Side ~

My inspiration for this tablescape was a Magazine, of a French County side !!!
The tablecloth is Vintage the 1940's
I purchased my dinnerware from Kroger with 30% off ~~
Dine by HD designs !!!
This is the salad dishe
Now this is the dinner plate !! Dark blue and Yellow ~~
The vase was from Garden Ridge, then filled with spring flowers ~~

I hope you all come Back!!!
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Sunday, March 13, 2011

~~~St. Patrick's Day~~~

My inspiration for this tablescape was the Tablecloth is all Embroidered with
green shamrocks and yellow flower's. I purchased on Ebay !!! 

My dinnerware is mix with other dishes, to go with the Tablecloth ~~~

I put Shamrocks on my white flower dishes for fun !!~~~

Let's light the candles and have a cold glass of Beer with dinner.

My dinner for tonight is Corn Beef with new potatoes and cabbage~~
The soup is French Onion~~~

I hope everyone like Cheese Cake for dessert ~~~

We love to have Family and Friends over for dinner~~~so come on over !!

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

~~~French Quarters Tablescapes~~~

 Today is March 8th, Mardi Gras Day ~~~


Hi ladies time for a Mardi Gras party at my home!!!
Come on in and have a seat lets have some
Cajun Food ~~ not too hot !!

My tablecloth is lavender, and my dinner plates
are black, with my white salad dishes. ~~ I also
use my Haviland Apple Blossom for some French
on my tablescape.


Hope you will have a glass of wine with us !!!

My centerpiece is a mix of flowers from Krogers!!

I hope you are having fun at my party ~~~

Well its time to eat now ladies !!! 

I hope you can smell the flowers ~~~
They are so heavenly !!!

I hope you all come back!!!
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so much! Have a great time and fun with your Blog!!!

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

~~~My Nautical Tablescapes~~~

My family loves seafood so I decided to do an
Nautical Tablescape and share it with you all!!!
I had this Nautical runner and never use it,
I purchased the runner from Hidden Treasures~~

I purchased the blue and white dishes from
the dollar store for $1.00 each.
I made my napkins one more time ~~
and put dark blue napkins rings on them.!!

I purchased four Nautical plates
from a Vintage shop in town $15.00
I love them ~~~
I purchased this soup tureen at a thrift shop
for $8.00 { I came in the shop at the right time~~
The focal point of my Tablescape is the
centerpiece, using four blue vase ~~
with flowers from Krogers !! and two nautical ships.
For dinner Creamy Crab Bisque, with a
shrimp and scallop salad with mango salsa~~
then Crab cakes with remoulade sauce!!!

I hope you all come back!!!
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